A Look Back: The Biggest Comeback In NFL History

A Look Back: The Biggest Comeback In NFL History

By James Jackson
January 3, 2019

There have been many comebacks in football history, but none even come close to what Marv Levy and the Buffalo Bills did on January 3,1993. Dubbed “The Comeback”, the Buffalo Bills were down  35-3 in a wildcard playoff game in Buffalo. The Houston Oilers were putting a beat down on the Bills on their home turf.

With the Oilers having a 28-3 lead going into the locker room, nothing could go wrong right? Wrong. As his Bills ended up being down 35-3, Frank Reich had to find a way to rally his team. Reich did just that, leading his team on the most historic comeback in NFL history.

Kenneth Davis and Don Beebe put the first two touchdowns on the board for the Bills. Andre Reed then went a on tear, scoring three straight touchdowns giving the Bills the lead. With the lead in the closing moments, the Bills had to find a way to hold onto that. Al Del Greco kicked a field goal to tie the game.

As overtime began, the next person to score would be declared winner. Much like the game started, Steve Christie kicked a field goal. Only this time, Christie’s field goal signaled the end of what was a historic comeback. The final score was 41-38, advancing the Bills to the divisional round. Eventually the Bills would find themselves in the Super Bowl, but would fall to the Dallas Cowboys. It was third of four consecutive Super Bowl appearances for the Bills, none of which saw them come away with the win. Frank Reich was filling in for the injured Jim Kelley that game. Reich is now the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

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PHOTO: John Hickey/AP File Photo