Black Friday Sports Gaming Guide

Black Friday Sports Gaming Guide

By Brett Wiseman & Minor League Rando

November 27, 2019

With Black Friday coming up, a lot of people are looking to get great deals on video games that they have wanted throughout the year. Under Review has done the research and found the best deals for some of the best sports games of 2019. 

NASCAR Heat 4- The latest entry into the NASCAR Heat series has been a point of price differences for retailers. Gamestop and BestBuy are posting a price of 30 dollars for the game, while Walmart and Target have a price of 25 dollars for this title.

REVIEW: The fourth installment in Charlotte-based 704 Games NASCAR franchise is the best, by leaps and bounds. Diehard NASCAR gamers called for more realism in the engine sounds and racing mechanics, and got exactly what they asked for. The engines, which in Heat 3 sounded more like a 5 year old making engine sounds playing with diecast cars on a racetrack rug than an 800 horsepower stock car, now roar as if you’re at the track. Also, the racing mechanics are far more realistic in that racing is tighter and more competitive, especially when racing against the AI. Returning and revamped is the always fun XTREME Dirt Tour along with NASCAR’s 3 top touring series. Heat 4 features a more in depth career mode complete with driver-to-driver interaction via Twitter and the ability to develop rivalries, features not seen since the EA Sports NASCAR franchise of the mid-2000s. Also harking back to the EA days is an overhaul of car customization, both in career mode and in race now. As always, season mode is available and competing for a championship is more competitive with the improved AI. Perhaps the most important new feature is split-screen racing in multiplayer races. Plus, more than 250 downloadable paint schemes and authentic spotter audio are available for download.  8.2/10

Madden 20- The newest game in the Madden line of games from EA Sports has only appeared in ads for Gamestop, Walmart, and Target. Target has the highest price listed at 30 dollars for Madden 20. Gamestop then has the games listed for 28 dollars, then Walmart has it listed for 27 dollars. 

REVIEW: This year’s Madden features a wealth of improvements, but the biggest new feature is Superstar X-Factors. Superstar players receive a series of specific skills only available to them, activated during a game after a series of successful plays specific to that skill. For example, Aaron Rodgers “Ace” X-Factor means he cannot be intercepted by AI defenders after completing 3 or more consecutive passes. On defense, Jalen Ramsey’s “Lockdown” feature means receivers cannot catch passes on him after 2 or more pass breakups when targeted. Stars like Kamara, Mack, Mahomes, even Zach Ertz, have superstar x-factors. These are specific to each player and only available to players with an overall of 88 or above. These are most useful in Ultimate team in online play. Also, new motion capture sequences make superstar players look identical to their real-life selves, Ultimate team features a ton of new and fun challenges and a cornucopia of unlockable legends to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season. Franchise mode is back and features a more in-depth role as a head coach than before. QB1: Face of the Franchise Mode makes its debut, a new insanely fun story mode that follows a quarterback from National Signing Day, through college, to the draft and eventually the NFL. It features Florida, Florida State, Oregon, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Clemson, LSU, Miami, and USC as licensed playable schools en route to the NFL. All in all, the most fun, realistic, and in-depth Madden in years. 9.5/10

NBA2K20- The newest game in the NBA2K line of games from 2K Sports has only appeared in ads for Gamestop, Walmart, and Target. Target has the highest price listed at 30 dollars for NBA2K20. Gamestop then has the games listed for 28 dollars, then Walmart has it listed for 27 dollars. 

REVIEW: Routinely the best sports sim on the market, 2K20 continues its dominance. Its graphics realism and down-to-a-science motion capture sequences are unmatched by any other sports game, and the unique rotating cast of commentators keeps things from getting predictable. MyPlayer returns and is as well-written as ever, and MyGM remains the most in-depth and detailed franchise sim on the market. However, 2K20 loses focus off the court, paying little attention to MyLeague. It’s almost impossible to have success in that mode without racking up badges and scoring a multitude of microtransactions. 8/10

NHL20- The latest title in the NHL series from EA Sports has only appeared in ads for Gamestop, Walmart, and Target. Gamestop and Target has the same price, with the game listed at 35 dollars, while Walmart has the game listed for 30 dollars. 

REVIEW: After catching heat from the hockey community, EA Canada stepped things up big time with this year’s installment of its NHL franchise. Graphics are more realistic than ever and new motion-capture sequences make each superstar’s shot look identical to how it is in real life. Plus, an overhaul of skating and puck pickup mechanics make transitions and even the simplest of moves that were hard before, seamless. New goalie motion capture and improved AI goaltending make games far more competitive. World of CHEL and its outdoor rinks return, but success can only be found by racking up 1v1 victories and merchandise. NHL Threes returns with arcade antics that are always fun, and franchise returns with more depth than ever. Finally, revamped in-game presentation sees the removal of the NBCSN broadcast crew and graphics, and the introduction of Canadian broadcasting personality James Cybulski on play-by-play, who paired with Ray Ferraro create far more exciting and engaging, non-robotic commentary. 9.5/10