Chaos Ensues In Thunderbirds, Enforcers Game

Chaos Ensues In Thunderbirds, Enforcers Game

By James Jackson

March 10, 2019

The NCAA has "March Madness" but the FHL now has "March Mayhem" following the Carolina Thunderbirds vs Elmira Enforcers game on Sunday afternoon. Sunday saw the final game of a three game series between the Thunderbirds and the Enforcers. The Enforcers played host to the Thunderbirds all weekend, dropping two games Friday and Saturday to Carolina. Sunday’s game was anything but normal however, as Enforcers Owner Robbie Nichols pushed a referee and caused a major incident. According to WETM, a local news station in Elmira, Nichols was being held back while swinging his arms towards an on-ice official.

While all the details are still unknown at this time, Under Review knows that the referee’s left the First Arena and didn’t return. The incident occured after Thunderbirds Head Coach Andre Niec, who was playing on a celebrity contract for one game, scored a controversial goal. Nichols didn’t agree with the call and things got out of hand. The exit from the referee’s caused the game to be originally suspended, however the Federal Hockey League has the game listed as cancelled on their website.

Thunderbirds General Manager Scott Brand gave Under Review an exclusive quote on the incident. 

"Disappointed in the situation that transpired. Officials never should have to take physical abuse. Frankly I am embarrassed for the league."

Under Review has reached out to the Elmira Police Department for information on any pending charges to Elmira Owner Robbie Nichols, who declined comment at this time. However, a source inside the FHL has knowledge that the officials are currently at the Elmira Police Station.

This incident is the second time the Elmira Enforcers have been a subject of police investigation. NBC affiliate WETM reported an incident on Dec. 17, 2018 when two Enforcers allegedly assaulted a man. The result of the assault put the victim in critical condition in the ICU.  The charges were later dropped. 

As first reported by Bus League Hockey, they were sent an exclusive email stating all FHL referee's have been pulled from all remaining games. 

In a comment from the FHL on Facebook they simply said “Our marketing team is waiting on the final verdict about the game", meaning they are waiting on an official statement from to share. With an official decision coming, Under Review will keep you posted as more information is given. Below is video of the incident

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