Charlotte Flair Talks Headlining Wrestlemania

Charlotte Flair Talks Headlining Wrestlemania

By James Jackson

May 26, 2019

Concord, NC - Every professional wrestler dreams of main eventing Wrestlemania at some point in their career. For Charlotte Flair, she not only main evented the “Grandest Stage of them All”, but she also was apart of the first ever women’s main event at Wrestlemania.

“I want to say it’s hit me, but it hasn’t” Flair said in a press conference at Charlotte Motor Speedwayabout her historic main event at Wrestlemania. “The next day after ‘mania I woke up and said ‘I just main evented Wrestlemania’. To explain to people what a big deal that is in sports entertainment, when I first started, women weren’t even having matches but like maybe a three minute match at Wrestlemania.”

For Flair, she doesn’t think it will completely hit her until many years later.

“Maybe in like six years, or when I slow down a little bit in maybe ten years, I’ll finally grasp how big of a moment that was for women or just in sports in general. When I found out, it was just one of those things that for six years I said I would main event Wrestlemania. When I did that in interviews, people thought ‘wow she really thinks that highly of herself’.

Flair recalls saying that she would win eventually main event Wrestlemania and if you’ve seen her wrestle, it’s not surprise that she did. Charlotte’s father Ric has never main evented Wrestlemania in his entire Hall of Fame career, giving Charlotte her own leg to stand on when it comes to defining her own legacy.

“I main evented’s one of those things where if you speak it into existence, it’s the ones who are crazy enough to believe in something that big are the ones to do it. It felt so good that it’s something I said for so long and worked for every single day.”