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Clash of Champions Results

By: James Jackson
December 17, 2017

WWE Clash of Champions 2017 was a fairly decent show. There were some surprises and some let downs but Clash of Champions didn't disappoint. The matches were really good for the most part. I would rate the show a 7/10. A lot of the matches created interesting storylines going into the Royal Rumble in January.


Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley
Winner: Mojo Rawley
Mojo Rawley picked up the win in almost dominating fashion. Mojo was taunting Ryder throughout the match saying things like “show me your killer instinct” followed by slamming Ryders face in the mat. Mojo finished Ryder off after throwing him in the corner and hitting him in the face with an elbow.


United States Championship Match:
Baron Corbin (c) vs Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
This was a very good back and forth contest. Ziggler hit the famouser on Roode, Roode kicks out. Corbin hits a deep six on Roode, Roode once again kicks out. Corbin hit a huge powerbomb/superplex sending both Ziggler and Roode into the canvas. Corbin went to hit Roode with a deep six when in mid-move Ziggler hit the famouser on Corbin and covers Corbin and wins the United States Championship.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way:
The Usos (c) vs The New Day vs Rusev & Aiden English vs Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable
Winners: The Usos
Each team ran in the ring quick and cleared out the ring. Big E throws Kofi Kingston over the top rope onto the superstars below. Big E throws Kofi into every corner kicking each legal man in the face until Rusev kicks Kofi in the face. Gable and Aiden English are both applying submission holds to their opponents trying to one-up each other. Kofi tried to rally to tag in Big E but Shelton Benjamin threw Big E off the corner. Jey Uso and Big E are tagged in and for a brief moment they clear out the ring. Rusev hits Gable with a superkick and English hits a powerbomb. Somehow Gable kicks out at two. After so many false finishes with Rusev coming so close to winning, Rusev applied the accolade until Big E tried to power out. Gable comes and breaks the submission. Jimmy Uso hits a superkick while Jey Uso hits a frog splash on Gable and the Usos retain the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Lumberjack Match:
Charlotte Flair (c) vs Natalya
Winner: Charlotte Flair
After the match starts Natalya gets thrown out of the ring and Naomi attacks Natalya. Once she gets thrown back in the ring Natalya throws Charlotte out of the ring where the Riott Squad attacks her. Natalya keeps throwing Charlotte out of the ring where she keeps getting attacked by the Lumberjacks. Natalya remained in control for the early part of the match. Charlotte starts chopping Natalya and suddenly Charlotte takes control of the match. Natalya throws Charlotte off the top rope and goes for a sharpshooter, Charlotte counters and goes for a quick cover where Natalya kicks out at two. Later on, Natalya applies the sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Charlotte crawls to the bottom rope where the Lumberjacks pull her out of the ring and start attacking Natalya. Charlotte laid in the center of the ring as Carmella slides in the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase but she’s quickly taken out. After Charlotte recovered she performed a moonsault onto the Lumberjacks. Charlotte applied the figure-eight on Natalya in the middle of the ring and Natalya taps out.

Breezango vs Bludgeon Brothers
Winners: Bludgeon Brothers
Harper immediately punches Tyler Breeze and Rowan scares Fandango just by looking at him. The Bludgeon Brothers start attacking Breezango outside the ring. The Bludgeon Brothers slams Breezes face into the side of the ring. The Bludgeon Brothers hit their finisher on Fandango and pick up the quick win.

Special Referee Match (Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon):
Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura (If Owens & Zayn lose they will be fired from all of WWE)
Winners: Zayn & Owens
Before the match starts there’s already confusion between Bryan & Shane. The match started with Orton and Zayn doing a lockup. Orton goes for a pin where both Bryan & Shane count at two different paces, making it really confusing. Nakamura gets tagged in and it’s a brief reminder of the NXT classic between the two men. Orton tries to pin Owens and both Bryan and Shane try and count again but again create confusion. Both Bryan and McMahon decide to split the ring in half. Each referee covers their half of the ring. Zayn chops Orton in the corner, screaming in Ortons face “You wanna try and take my job?”. Owens tells Bryan “Daniel, that was a slow count” referring to Shane’s count. Orton throws Zayne stomach first into the top rope. Zayn tags himself him, forcing Ortons face into the middle rope. Orton reaches for a tag to Nakamura but Zayn tries and moves Ortons hand. Orton countered and hit Zayn with a belly to back suplex and makes the tag to Nakamura. Nakamura gets Owens in a triangle choke and Nakamura’s shoulders were down. Bryan starts counting the pin and Shane stops Bryan. They have a brief arguement and the match continues. Zayn gets in the face of McMahon before leaving the ring. Orton hits a superplex on Zayn off the top rope. Owens pulls Orton out of the ring and starts beating on him before Nakamura starts attacking Owens. Sami Zayn came the rescue of Owens and they clear off the announce tables. Owens hits a frog splash on Nakamura threw the announce table. Orton hits the RKO on Zayn, Owens slides in the ring and pushes Bryan into Shane breaking the count. Shane loses his mind and goes off on Bryan. Orton gets up and hits an RKO on Owens. Sami Zayn had a clear three count but Shane McMahon wouldn’t count it. Bryan pushes McMahon and while Shane had his back turned Zayn had a quick pin on Orton and Bryan counted a fast three count. Orton and McMahon stood in the ring very angry at what just happened as Bryan held up Owens and Zayn’s hand in victory.

WWE Championship Match:
AJ Styles (c) vs Jinder Mahal
Winner: AJ Styles

Styles had control of the match early on, targeting the leg of Mahal. The tide changed however, Jinder started throwing Styles into the barricade. Mahal then throws Styles over the barricade into the time keepers area. Mahal throws Styles side first into the announce table. Jinder remained in control of the match without help from the Singh Brothers. Mahal has capitalized on every opening Styles has given him. Jinder went for a chop off the top rope, AJ however jumped up and kicked Jinder. Styles looked for the phenomenal forearm but Mahal grabbed the ropes causing Styles to lose his balance. Styles went for another forearm but Jinder reversed it by kicking Styles. Mahal was in control for the majority of this match. AJ hits a 450 splash, AJ tries to go for a pin when the Singh Brothers grab Mahal's leg. Jinder hits the Khallas, the match appeared to be over but Styles kicks out. Jinder tried to go for the Styles Clash but AJ reverses it and puts Jinder in the Calf Crusher. Jinder taps out and AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship.