Duron Harmon Making Claim For Hall Of Fame Career

Duron Harmon Making Claim For Hall Of Fame Career

By James Jackson

February 4, 2019

During Super Bowl 53, Patrick Chung was injured and wouldn’t return for the remainder of the game. One man stepped up and filled in for the injured Chung, that man was 28 year old Duron Harmon. Coming off his third Super Bowl championship in six seasons, Harmon is making a claim for a potential Hall of Fame career. Coming off one of his best seasons so far, Harmon picked up four interceptions in 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Harmon, a graduate from Caesar Rodney High School in Camden, Delaware, left the first state to pursue a career in football. Harmon went to Rutgers University where he played with the McCourty twins and excelled on and off the field. Harmon found himself getting a shot at professional football when he was drafted in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft by the New England Patriots.

Former Patriot Ty Law was announced as one of the inductees for the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame. Law recorded 20 interceptions in his first six seasons, including a 9 interception season in 1998. Harmon in his first six seasons, has a total of 15 interceptions. With two, four interception seasons in 2017 and 2018, Harmon is putting up numbers similar to those of Ty Law.

Deemed a quiet leader by fellow teammates and even legendary head coach Bill Belichick, Harmon helped light the fire at halftime during Super Bowl 51 that helped lead the Patriots in their historic 25-point comeback.

In his six seasons, Harmon has played 95 games, recorded 15 interceptions for 166 yards and has 152 tackles. While it’s still early in his young career, Harmon is certainly making a claim for a Hall of Fame induction down the road.

PHOTO: Reuters