Flyers Legend Brian Propp Talks Impressive Career

Flyers Legend Brian Propp Talks Impressive Career

By James Jackson

February 21, 2020

Brian Propp is a 15 year NHL veteran who is arguably one of the best left wingers in NHL history. Propp has made five NHL All-Star games and five Stanley Cup finals. Propp was drafted 14th overall in the 1979 NHL Draft by the Philadelphia Flyers and has played for other teams like the Boston Bruins, Minnesota North Stars and the Hartford Whalers.

In his rookie season, Propp was a member of the Flyers squad that won 35 straight games and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

“I fit in with the team.” Propp said “The way I played was like Bob Clarke, he practiced as hard as he played. I was used to doing that in the same way. I think they were looking for a left winger and I had won a couple scoring titles in Brandon (Wheat Kings) and I wasn’t afraid of playing defense. It was good for me because the veterans helped me during the first three rounds and then when we went to the finals, I started scoring a little bit more. Unfortunately we lost in game 6 in overtime or else we would’ve won and I could’ve won a Stanley Cup.”

For five seasons, Bobby Clarke and Brian Propp were teammates on the Flyers. Propp had said that Clarke was the best leader he’s seen on and off the ice.

“When we made the playoffs and lost in the first round, Bob was there. I went to Team Canada with Bob Clarke, so we roomed together. He was at the end of his career and I was just starting mine. We played in the World Championship and it gave me a chance to get to know him a little bit better and to make sure that I was doing things a little bit better.” 

In Propp’s rookie season, he had the chance to play against Mr. Hockey himself Gordie Howe, in what was Howe’s last season in the NHL.

“We only played them (Hartford Whalers) twice that year. I knew I just wanted to stay away from him even though he was older than my dad, he was 51 at the time.” Propp said jokingly. “I stayed away from him because you never knew what he was going to do. For me, it was really nice because I got to play against him. I was also in the All-Star game my rookie season in Detroit when he played his last year in Detroit.”

Propp played in the Canada Cup with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux in 1987, an experience that holds dear to his heart.

“That hockey was tremendous.” Propp said “That three game series was tremendous and to this day, that may be the best series in Canada history. I think I was the oldest player in the tournament that year, I was 27 or 28 years old.”

In 2016, Flyers owner Dan Snider passed away. Propp and Snider had a very good relationship, one Propp won’t forget.

“He was the best man I’ve ever known.” Propp said about the former Flyers owner. “He did so much for Philadelphia, the way he ran the club and he was passionate and loved every player. I know when I had my stroke over four years ago, he knew that I needed some help and so he wrote a check to help me which I really needed. He took care of the players who needed help. I loved him and I loved his passion and I loved how much he loved the team and the Flyers.” 

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