FPHL Power Rankings: Jan. 30 - Feb. 1

FPHL Power Rankings: Jan. 30 - Feb. 1

By Shawn Johnson

February 6, 2020

We had a week off from the Power Rankings last week but we're back this week! We break down the top ten best teams in the league based on our opinions.

10) Delaware Thunder (8-24), 5th place Eastern Division

Rank Last Week: 7 (Down 3)

Delaware has dropped in this week’s power rankings drastically. Not only are they on a 7 game losing streak, but Coach Charlie Pens has traded away their top two forwards. Contratto was sent to Battle Creek and Marker was sent to Watertown. Without those two, Delaware will struggle. 

9) Battle Creek Rumble Bees (1-33), 5th place Western Division

Rank Last Week: 10 (Up 1)

Yes, I know Battle Creek has the worst record in the league. Yes I know they are 1-33. Why did I move them up? Because I physically went and saw them play the Watertown Wolves and let me tell you, they are the hardest working team in the league. They gave Watertown a run for their money and went to overtime. Yes, the Bees lost, but they impressed me.  Most of the second and third period the Bees played in the offensive zone and even walked away with a point. The Rumble Bees move up 1 to number 9. 

8) Columbus River Dragons (11-17-4-1), 4th place Western Division

Rank Last Week: 6 (Down 2)

Columbus has lost their last two games. They are not playing horrendous, but they should be much better than they are. Several players have won a championship together with different teams. I figured the biggest problem was lack of chemistry, but we are over the halfway point of the season.  It’s time to figure it out if you want to compete for the cup.

7) Mentor Ice Breakers (14-19-0-3), 4th place Eastern Division

Rank Last Week: 9 (Up 2)

The Mentor Ice Breakers are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Coach Duncan’s son Brody made a bad decision.  Seconds remained in the Carolina/Mentor game and he decided to take a full on slap shot into the bench. He immediately regretted it after Michael Bunn came off the bench and had a little discussion with him with his fists. Duncan was suspended for the remainder of the season including playoffs. The video has since gone viral in the hockey world. Mentor is 1-9 in their last ten games. They are currently sitting in seventh in our power rankings. 

6) Port Huron Prowlers (17-11-4-0), 3rd place, Western Division

Rank Last Week: 5 (Down 1)

Port Huron has won their last two games, and 6 out of their last 10 games. Port Huron seems to be confident with the team they have.  Coach/Player/Future Pro Wrestler Joe Pace Jr. has not made many adjustments in the roster. The Prowlers hit the road this Friday and Saturday to take on the Battle Creek Rumble Bees then return home on Sunday to host the Elmira Enforcers. 

5) Danville Dashers (20-11-1-3) 2nd place, Western Division

Rank Last Week: 3 (Down 2)

Danville has been warming up lately. They are on a two game win streak and have won eight out of their last ten games. Fred Hein, Jesse Neher and Logan Hawgood have been playing great hockey as of late. The Dashers are putting themselves in a great position to make a deep run in the playoffs. The Dashers play their next four games at home, starting with Elmira this Friday and Saturday. 

4) Elmira Enforcers (17-12-2-3), 3rd place, Eastern Division

Rank Last Week: 2 (Down 2)

The Enforcers are getting back to their winning ways. Elmira has been winning since they have traded for Watertown’s Captain Tyler Gjurich. Gjurich has played five games with the Enforcers and has eight points (7 goals, 1 assist). The trade is paying off for the Enforcers who have climbed their way back into third place and are on the heels of the Watertown Wolves. 

3) Watertown Wolves (19-13-2-2), 2nd place, Eastern Division

Rank Last Week: 8 (Up 5)

Watertown is one of the hottest teams right now. They are currently on a six game win streak.  To make things even better for the Wolves, they have traded for one of the best forwards in the league, Ryan Marker. Marker had expressed interest in joining the Wolves prior to the trade. He currently has 55 points in 30 games played. Watertown will be tested this weekend as they head south to take on the league leading Carolina Thunderbirds this Friday and Saturday. 

2) Carolina Thunderbirds (25-5-2-2) 1st place, Western Division

Rank Last Week: 1 (Down 1)

To be honest, it was difficult to keep the Thunderbirds at the #2 spot. They traveled to Danbury to take on the Hat Tricks and left empty handed. Carolina has only lost 7 games this year. 6 of which have came from Danbury. The Thunderbirds remain at the number 2 spot because they managed to keep the games close against the Hat Tricks, even forcing a shootout in one the games. A video surfaced of a few Carolina players arguing with Danbury fans. Coach Niec was seen in the video. He did not seem to say much, but he also did not deescalate the situation.  Niec has since been suspended for the next two games against the Watertown Wolves for the incident. However, the suspension is, pun intended, under review by the league office. 

1) Danbury Hat Tricks (22-9-2-2) 1st place, Eastern Division

Rank Last Week: 4 (Up 3)

Danbury is playing their best hockey at the right time. They seem to have Carolina’s number. The Hat Tricks have defeated the Thunderbirds in 6 out of their 7 meetings so far this season. Defeating the best team in the league three consecutive games will put you in the top spot in our power rankings. Billy McCreary and his Hat Tricks will travel to Delaware to take on the Thunder. 

PHOTO: James Jackson/Under Review