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Most Popular NFL Teams Based On YouTube Views

By: Kaleb Bales & James Jackson

November 21, 2017

The NFL’s YouTube channel has roughly 2,651,779 subscribers. On their YouTube channel, the NFL uploads highlights from every game on their channel. We decided to take the amount of views from every games highlight videos to determine the five most popular teams through week 11 of 2017 NFL season.

1: Dallas Cowboys - 11,181,904

The Cowboys lead the list with a remarkable 11,181,904 total views. Their highest viewed video was their week one matchup against the Giants. The Cowboys defeated the Giants 3-19 in their season opener.

2: New England Patriots - 10,857,808

The defending Super Bowl champions opened their season in a 42-27 loss to Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots recovered from their week one loss to have a 8-2 record by week 11.

3: Kansas City Chiefs - 10,023,938

The Chiefs started the season off strong, winning their first five games. However, that strong start to the season didn’t last as the Chiefs fell to 6-4 record by week 11. QB Alex Smith is still putting up incredible numbers, enough to be considered a MVP hopeful.

4: Seattle Seahawks - 8,814,075

The Seahawks started off the season winning five of their first seven games. Their highest viewed video was their week 8 game against the Texans. A 38-41 game between the Texans and Seahawks came a total of 1,696,529 total views.

5: Green Bay Packers - 8,761,963

A fan favorite every season, it's no surprise the Packers crack the top 5. However, with QB Aaron Rodgers out with a season ending injury their total views may fall in the coming weeks.




Adam Hunger, USA Today Sports