Opinion: The FPHL Made The Right Call

Opinion: The FPHL Made The Right Call

By Chris Cole

January 30, 2020

The Federal Prospects Hockey League on Tuesday announced that Mentor Ice Breakers player Brody Duncan would be suspended for the remainder of the season for purposely taking a slap shot into the Carolina Thunderbirds bench at the end of the game this past Saturday.  

The suspension was originally for 15 games which I believed to be too lenient, but after some discussion among the Under Review crew it made total sense in hindsight.  Mentor and Carolina were playing the next day and needed time to review everything properly. The league knew what Duncan did was completely unacceptable and could have been a far, far, worse situation so they need to act fast which is why the suspension was 15 games at first.  

Once they collected all the evidence, they slapped Duncan with an additional 10 games effectively icing him for the rest of the regular season along with playoffs and hit with an undisclosed fine.

As the title of the article states: the FPHL made the right call.  For once, they saw clearly to right some wrongs in their Wild West past and put the suspension hammer down.  From the staged fight/hug-and-a-beer incident of 2014 to last year’s referee assault in Elmira (allegedly…) I did have reservations that the league wanted to be more like the Federal League depicted in the movie Slap Shot than a hockey league of the present new decade.  

Thunderbird’s player Michael Bunn came off the bench to fight Duncan and received a 5-game suspension in response.  Bunn elaborated on Facebook: 

“I didn’t think twice to come to the defense of my teammates, staff, and fans of the organization.  My opinion is that his intent was to injure someone and with such a dangerous play, who knows what could’ve happened.  I take my suspension without argument because in my mind, it was warranted.” 

The league knows that lines have been crossed in the past, but this time it could have actually hurt someone

Let’s hope this is the start of a new chapter for the FPHL. It can still have that Wild West feel, but with that new car smell.