Rando Rankings: AAF Week 2

Rando Rankings: AAF Week 2

By Minor Rando

February 19, 2019

With two weeks complete in the 2019 Alliance of American Football season, things are starting to heat up. There were clear winners and losers in the league this weekend. Here are the AAF week 2 power rankings.

1) Orlando Apollos:

Orlando looks to be best in the league, led by Steve Spurrier and Garrett Gilbert, this offensive team looks to tear up the field and pass their way into the endzone. Perhaps the only way to beat them is to outscore them.

2) Birmingham Iron:

Birmingham is living up to the SEC standards its use to watching. The Iron is a defensive team first, only allowing 9 points in two games. For first timer Tim Lewis, I suspect he is not going to be in the league soon. I didn’t even get into Luis Perez, who is throwing the ball better than Tom Brady on some plays.

3) Arizona Hotshots:

The Hotshots look to be interesting, after nearly losing to Memphis, they need a solid win over SLC to prove they deserve to be undefeated.

4) San Antonio Commanders:

The better of the 1-1 teams, the Commanders barley lost to the Apollos, but with a game against the hot Fleet coming up, they need a solid dub to stay up in the top.

5) San Diego Fleet:

After losing to the Commaders week one, the win over the Legends was refreshing for the Fleet fans, and with a hot Fleet team facing a now cold Commanders, the Fleet could be climbing the ladder.

6) Salt Lake Stallions:

The Stallions played against the Iron for 3 and a half quarters, then just dropped like a rock and lost. If Salt Lake needs a win, this week is the time.

7) Atlanta Legends:

With two straight losses, the Legends get to join their Atlanta brothers,  the Hawks and Falcons, in the basement. The Legends are struggling to put the pieces together and make things click.

8) Memphis Express:

Memphis = Memephis. It's hard to argue with that when they have yet to win and each loss seems to be worse and worse every week. With a blowout in week 1 and blowing an 18-6 lead in week 2, Memphis is right where they belong at the bottom of the power rankings. 


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