Rando Rankings: AAF Week 3

Rando Rankings: AAF Week 3

By Minor Rando

February 28, 2019

With week 3 in the books for the Alliance of American Football, some teams showed improvement while other teams struggled to finally capture a win. This week showed what the teams can really do in the long term.

1) Orlando Apollos (0): Orlando continues to win by using their offense. While they are the best, I think their next test will be against the Birmingham Iron, who have that ironclad defense. Although they are at the top of the rankings, they struggled to beat the 0-3 Memphis Express.

2) Birmingham Iron (0): Birmingham is the anti-Apollos, pure defense, with Luis “Laser” Perez and Trent Richardson helping push what could be a struggling offense across the finish line. The Iron defense came up big in their 28-17 win against the Legends.

3) San Diego Fleet (+2): Perhaps San Diego was looked down upon to early. The Fleet stomped out the Commanders, the same team that beat them in week 1. Perhaps we could see the Fleet in the conference championship game.  

4) Arizona Hotshots (-1): Hotshots vs Stallions might have been a close score, but it was far from a close game. Arizona needs to figure out the cracks in the foundations, or the good start will be for nothing. There is still plenty of time to turn things around for the Hotshots.

5) Salt Lake Stallions (+1): Salt Lake is getting hot, and I don’t know if anyone in the west besides San Diego could stop them. The next few weeks for Salt Lake will be interesting, as they face the Apollos in week 4. Next weekends game will be a true test for the Stallions, who are just now coming off their first win in franchise history.

6) San Antonio Commanders (-2): The Commanders have been very inconsistent as of late. They started the season off by winning their season opener with a solid defensive core. The Commanders have struggled to find their identity so far, but they can still turn it around. 

7)Memphis Express (+1): With Zach Mettenberger now the starting quarterback for the Express, things are started to turn around for them. If Memphis can salvage the season, this is their chance. Almost handing the Apollos their first loss last weekend, the Express have earned the right to move up one position in the power rankings.

8) Atlanta Legends (-1): The Legends have struggled to find the magic horseshoe, not picking up a win yet in the 2019 season. If a kicker is your best player, there’s a problem. They need to make serious adjustments to make things work. The Legends have a ton of resources that could make them a real threat if all the pieces come together. Not picking up a single victory and having mediocre play so far, puts the Legends at the bottom of the rankings.

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