Rando Rankings: XFL Week 1

Rando Rankings: XFL Week 1

By Minor League Rando

February 11, 2020

Week 1 of the new XFL has concluded and has appeared to offer a much better product than the first XFL, and last year's AAF. Since these games are now over, it’s time for the Rando to revive an old Under Review classic, Rando’s Rankings: XFL Edition. 

8- Tampa Bay Vipers: 

The Vipers received much hype on social media, with the #FangGang coming together to support the franchise. Much to the FangGang’s displeasure, Tampa came out with a strong start but couldn’t make anything happen. Aaron Murray’s first game as starting QB was less than great. With two interceptions, and a lot of incompletion’s, it looks like Murray will be losing the starting job to Quinton Flowers next week. Can the Vipers look forward and get a win next week, or will things continue to go south for the Vipers?

7- LA Wildcats: 

The Wildcats went to Houston to battle on the gridiron with the Roughnecks and started a catfight with them. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, they were on the losing end of the fight. LA had moments of greatness in quick flashes it seemed, but after those flashes, they would fall back into a mixture of mediocrity and miscommunication. If LA can use this week to fix the issues that plagued them this weekend, there is certainly a chance this team can make it to the playoffs. 

6- Seattle Dragons: 

Seattle came out strong for three quarters. For three quarters this team was right there with the DC Defenders and even was leading them at some points, but during the fourth the team fell apart. Fumbles and interceptions took away the chance for a week one win for the Dragons. I see them in the same kind of situation as the Wildcats, but I feel they are in a better position to pull themselves out of the hole they have fallen into. With Seattle battling the Vipers at home this weekend, it will be very interesting to see what happens, and what the solutions are to the problems that were presented for the two teams during week one.

5- Dallas Renegades: 

Dallas came out and played, and played hard. They only lost by a touchdown during a comeback by the Battlehawks. While there were issues with Philip Nelson at QB, it's very likely Landry Jones (former Pittsburgh Steeler) is coming back from an injury, and there is going to be a slightly different team for Dallas when they face the Wildcats in Los Angeles. Dallas has been hard to judge due to the team losing a starter for week one, but if this team gets everyone back for week two, we might have a very interesting team on our hands.

4- St. Louis Battlehawks:  

The Battlehawks at first came out in a very poor fashion, but as the game progressed, they got stronger and stronger. It was a hard fought victory for the Hawks, but at the end of the game, they came out on top. If this team can keep this momentum going, they could fight their way in a low scoring affair to multiple wins. This team could be the underdog of the playoffs if they make it.

3- DC Defenders:

The Defenders put on a show against the Seattle Dragons with chants on “MVP” for their starting QB Cardale Jones. The Defenders had a great defensive showing which could continue to be a lethal threat in the upcoming weeks. Cardale Jones had an impressive performance but the offense still has some work to do. If the offense can fix the little things, DC could be really scary.

2- Houston Roughnecks: 

The Roughnecks came out and lived up to their name very well, giving the Wildcats a rough time. The Roughnecks need to continue the tempo they had during the first game if they want to work their way to the playoffs. The offense was at 100%, but while the defense still has some questions to answer, there is plenty of time to fix those issues.

1- New York Guardians: 

New York has the most complete team in the XFL currently. Matt McGlion had a MVP level performance against the Vipers. The offense and defense were also all ready to play against Tampa. If New York can continue to play this well against DC this weekend, the Guardians could possibly prove to be the best team in the league.

PHOTO: Brian Murphy/All-Pro Reels