Rando's Way Too Early SPHL Playoff Predictions

Rando's Way Too Early SPHL Playoff Predictions

By Minor League Rando

February 28, 2020

We are already reaching the end of the 2019-2020 SPHL regular season, and we now bolt towards the postseason. Compared to last season, this year has been a wild ride in the SPHL standings. Teams are bumping and grinding for their spot’s, only grabbing spots with the third tiebreaker in those desperate attempts. The fact that 10th place in the SPHL can still get into the playoffs is a rare thing to see in the league. So where will everyone end up? Here is my predictions when it comes to the 2020 SPHL playoffs

Final standings:

  1. Fayetteville ( 88 points )
  2. Peoria ( 88 points )
  3. Huntsville ( 76 points )
  4. Evansville ( 71 points )
  5. Knoxville ( 67 points )
  6. Pensacola ( 62 points )
  7. Quad City (48 points )
  8. Birmingham ( 44 points )
  9. Roanoke (39 points )
  10. Macon ( 38 points )

This is my final prediction for what the standings will look at the end of the season. This was done by reviewing the rest of the SPHL schedule and predicating games, then I would add up those points from those teams wins. 

One of the big shake ups would be that Fayetteville would be hosting the Coffey Cup after the Rivermen have hosted it for the past 4 of the 5 seasons. While Peoria would be tied with the Marksmen by points, Fayetteville would get over due to their win percentage. 

Playoff round one match-ups:

Birmingham (8) vs Fayetteville (1)

Quad City (7) vs Peoria (2)

Pensacola (6) vs Huntsville (3)

Knoxville (5) vs Evansville (4)

One of the biggest things would be a Quad City vs Peoria playoff series. I would argue the rivalry between these two cities has been more intense than the rivalry between Huntsville and Birmingham. A playoff series between these two would be very much a fun time to watch the social media teams banter between each other. 

Series predictions:

Fayetteville in 2 games

Quad City in 3 games

Huntsville in 3 games

Evansville in 2 games

While three of these series go the way of the better seeds, I predicted that Quad City would surprise everyone beat the Rivermen. That might not be a shock to some, who remember the Rail Yard Dawgs sweeping the Rivs last years, so maybe something similar happens again?

Playoff semi-finals matchups:

Quad City (7) vs Fayetteville (1)

Evansville (4) vs Huntsville (3)

One of the underrated rivals for Huntsville out there is Evansville. The team is only four hours away from Huntsville, and provides the ability for fans to travel between the cities for games. A playoff series between these two teams would be gas on the fire for this new rivalry between these teams. 

Series predictions:

Fayetteville in 2 games

Huntsville in 3 games

Playoff finals matchup:

Huntsville (3) vs Fayetteville (1)

Yep, I predict that Huntsville is back in the finals for the third year in a row. Glenn Detulleo has managed to build a team that, while great during the regular season, go full elite during the playoffs. We have seen this happen twice, and let's admit it, this is Detulleo’s system, so having Huntsville in the finals is not a stretch. 

Fayetteville has been dominant this season in the SPHL. Just two seasons ago, they were the worst team in the league, now they are argued to be the best. Fayetteville accepted the challenge to get better after they got embarrassed, and more then excelled. 

Series prediction:

Huntsville wins in 3 games.

Huntsville has swept the Marksmen in all three games that the teams play against each other in the regular season. You could argue that those were just regular season games, and that Huntsville just performed well due to sheer luck, but I can also point out that Huntsville has been pure road warriors this season. They perform exceptionally well on the road, and that will help them in the playoffs. 

So that is my prediction, I say Huntsville will three-peat and host a President’s cup for a fourth time. Do you have another prediction, or say I am wrong? Post it in the comment, we love to hear your suggestions and predictions!