Release The Kraken! The NHL's Newest Team

Release The Kraken! The NHL's Newest Team

By Chris Cole (@HockeyNC)

FINALLY!  After 500+ days since the NHL announced the new expansion to Seattle that a team name, logo, colors, and even jerseys have been revealed to the masses!  The Seattle Kraken.  Pretty much everyone knew Kraken was going to be the team name, it’s now official and the reveal did not disappoint. 

Main Logo and Typeface

Diving deeper into the details I am definitely a fan of the S logo with the octopus tentacle.  The red eye might put people off as it contrasts a lot with the blue-green hues I think it works well.  The typeface is the only negative to the package on the whole. I get it’s going for the mariner-myth aesthetic, but it feels dated compared to everything else.  In time they may change it, but considering everything else is amazing I will let this down vote slide for now.

Shoulder Logo

The same goes for the Anchor shoulder logo. The Anchor shape itself is rife with symbolism: the mariner lifestyle of the Pacific coast that Seattle resides, the anchor shape itself makes a W which easily helps since Seattle is located in the state of Washington, and lastly the middle portion of the anchor which has the outline of famous Seattle landmark the Space Needle.  The whole design of the shoulder logo is so simple, yet full of depth at the same time!


Two words: Home run.  The layout of the colors on the jersey work very well.  The red from the S logo is utilized the same as an accent to the rest of the shades of blue and blue-green.  It’s a simple jersey compared to the more detailed-laden uniforms of the latest expansion franchise the Vegas Golden Knights.  The number font is alright will grow on me as time goes on, but that’s the only negative I see with the jerseys.

Seattle’s overall presentation today was a breath of fresh air right before the restart of the league.  While we get ready for the playoffs we can now look forward to the near future when the Kraken make their first steps on the ice.