Rusty Wallace Talks Relationship With Roger Penske

Rusty Wallace Talks Relationship With Roger Penske

By James Jackson

February 2, 2019

Charlotte, NC - Rusty Wallace is a NASCAR Hall of Famer in his own right however last night, Wallace was at the Hall of Fame for a different reason. Wallace’s long time car owner Roger Penske was being inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

With Penske, Wallace won 37 races enroute to his future Hall of Fame career. Fast forward to last night at the Hall of Fame, Wallace spoke to Under Review about the Hall of Fame meant to the “Captain” Roger Penske.

“I’m so excited for Roger, he’s a guy who’s won all these different disciplines in racing. He’s been such a mentor to so many people, he’s taught me so much on and off the race track it’s unreal. He’s been like a second father to me, we’re great friends. For him to be in the Hall of Fame with the rest of us, and me means a ton to me. The surprising part to me is that I thought he would have beaten me in the Hall of Fame.”

Wallace praised Penske’s championship performances last season to eventually being a Hall of Fame inductee.

“Talk about coming off a strong year and all these different disciplines, coming off the Indy cars and Australian Road Course cars and NASCAR championships and now he’s here. He comes off all these championships, right into the Hall of Fame. That’s a strong, strong entry in my opinion.”

Penske entered the Hall of Fame on February 1st with 17 Indianapolis 500 victories, 34 national championships to his credit and 500 plus career victories.

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