Stio Named President of Fraser FPHL Team

Stio Named President of Fraser FPHL Team

By James Jackson

As Under Review first reported on Friday afternoon, former Battle Creek Rumble Bees General Manager Adam Stio, has been named President of the Fraser FPHL team. The team will be playing in the Fraser Hockeyland which will seat around 3,000 fans (photo of the arena is seen above). 

Stio confirmed to Under Review that Fraser will be "100% heading in as team #10 this season."

While Battle Creek was a bad situation, Stio is looking forward to a fresh start.

"Been doing this for a while - whatever doesn't almost kill you makes you stronger, right" Stio said. "You chalk it up to experience and though my first foray into the FPHL, not my first rodeo..

"The adjustment is there, but with strong ownership behind this organization and a fresh outlook, I'm excited" said Stio.

The ownership is still unknown but an announcement should come out soon enough. In terms of what to expect from the organization, Stio wants to be involved in the community and wants the team to be blue collar, just the community.

"My personal feeling is all of our guys, like it or not, need to be involved heavily in the community"

After speaking with Stio, this sounds like a much better situation than Battle Creek was. Only time will tell but it's nice to look forward to some hockey during these tough times.