Top 10 NHL Alternate Jerseys

Top 10 NHL Alternate Jerseys

By Brett Wiseman

November 28, 2019

Since adidas took over the NHL’s uniform deal in 2017, we’ve seen a lot of alternate sweaters get released. Some are hearkened to the past, others draw from current color combinations and add new variations. This is the list of the top 10 alternate sweaters in the league right now. 

10: Calgary Flames “80s” Heritage Alternate

The Flames are celebrating their 40th anniversary by bringing back the threads worn during the most successful period in franchise history which saw it win its only Cup. A number of differences from the modern Flames threads, a brighter red base color, with a white and yellow stripe template and a white C flame. These classic threads are a modern take on one of the truly great uniforms of the 80s and will be worn 12 times by the Flames in their 40th anniversary season.

9: Anaheim Ducks “Mighty Ducks Orange” Heritage Alternate

Past and present collide with the Ducks third jersey. The orange threads feature the franchises original logo, when it was owned by Disney and went under the “Mighty Ducks” moniker. It also features numerous elements of the franchises rebrand which began when Disney sold the team in 2007, as the current black and metallic gold color scheme accent the orange along the waistline and on the sleeves. The jersey also features the modern “D” logo on each shoulder, and “Anaheim” emblazoned in metallic gold on the back neckline completes a perfect pairing of past and present that the Ducks will wear multiple times this season. 

8: Colorado Avalanche “Colorado Rockies” Heritage Alternate

These gorgeous threads are a modern take on the jerseys of the state’s original NHL franchise, the Colorado Rockies, which played from 1976-1982 before moving to New Jersey and becoming the Devils. The jersey features a modernized version of the Rockies’ original logo, a mountainous emblem crested on the chest of the sweater, a blue mountain outlined in white with a maroon C emblazoned on the center of the emblem. The navy blue colored jersey also features accents of maroon and white on the lower part of the sleeves, white capping on the shoulders, and the Colorado state flag positioned across the left shoulder of the sweater. A modern take on an oft-forgotten franchise, and an elegant, classy look for the Avs, which they will wear on multiple occasions this season. 

7: Winnipeg Jets “Aviator Blue” Heritage Jersey

A modern classic with new takes on Winnipeg’s WHA, pre-NHL merger heritage, this simple yet elegant sweater features a truly classic design. A base color which Winnipeg has dubbed “Aviator Blue” is accented by a white and navy blue stripe template at the waistline and around the armbands, inspired by the Jets jerseys of the 90s. “Jets” is written beautifully and elegantly across the chest in white cursive script, a fresh take on a long history of Jets franchise word marks. The final detail to these threads, the words “We Are True North” written across the back neckline, an homage to one of the most loyal and dedicated fanbases in all of hockey. The Jets will wear these on multiple occasions this season. 

6: Washington Capitals “Stick T” Heritage Alternate 

Another American beauty, these uniforms which were donned by the Caps from their inception in 1974-75 and worn through the 1994-95 season, return for 12 games this season. The uniform features the original Capitals word mark across the chest, with the T in the shape of a blue hockey stick. The jersey features a primary red color, six blue and white stars above the word marking, and five blue and white stars down along each arm. The jersey also features blue and white striping along the waistline and white shoulder cappings. These jerseys are iconic and are a staple in the Caps franchise history. 

5: Columbus Blue Jackets “Revolution Cannon” Heritage Alternate

Paying homage to the inspiration for the franchise name and the city of Columbus’ rich Revolutionary War heritage, the Blue Jackets third jerseys are an American beauty. The navy blue based jersey features a lace neckline with gorgeous cream and powder blue accented striping along the waistline and armbands and cream colored shoulders. The best feature of this uniform is the circular Cannon logo on the chest, which features a cream colored background and the full team name scribed on a powder blue ribbon encircling the cannon, punctuated by a powder blue star at the bottom of the logo. The Blue Jackets will wear these multiple times this season.

4: Arizona Coyotes “90s” Heritage Alternate

The ‘Yotes brought back the beauties which introduced the hockey world to the desert after its move there from being the original Winnipeg Jets, and it was the right call. These desert dandies feature a black base with iconic goal stick-welding, moon-chested original Coyotes logo, as well as a beige colored Aztecian pattern along the waistline, neckline and armbands accented with hints of red and green. Plus, the green-capped shoulders feature the Coyotes original alternate script logo with purple background and beige text. The ‘Yotes will wear these bad boys multiple times this season. 

3: St. Louis Blues “Trumpet” Retro Alternate

One of the most infamous and gorgeous jerseys in the history of hockey makes its glorious return to the ice for three games this season. Worn by the St. Louis Blues during the mid-90s (including The Great One’s brief stint in the Gateway City), the “clown jerseys” as they’ve come to be known feature a smaller, different shaped note logo than other uniforms. The jersey has a royal blue base with the Blue Note featuring the words “St. Louis” at the top of it and a red outline. The jersey’s most iconic feature is the sideways yellow/red panel striping from the bottom into the side of the jersey, the feature which earned it the clown moniker. It also features the short-lived Blues alternate trumpet logo on the shoulders. Many hate it, but I love it.

2: Vancouver Canucks “1989-1997” Retro Alternate

These black, yellow, and fire red beauties as donned by Pavel Bure and company during the most successful period in Canucks franchise history return for three games during this, the Canucks 50th anniversary season. The black sweaters with circular, “diving script” Canucks logo, outlined with yellow and fire red striping on the arm and waistbands, are identical to those that saw the ‘Nucks advance to the 1994 Cup Final. A perfect uniform to bring back for the Canucks’ 50th anniversary season. 

1: Carolina Hurricanes “Hartford Whalers” Heritage Alternate

These threads were beautiful back in the day, and are equally as beautiful now that the Hurricanes have brought them back. Replicas of the uniforms worn before the franchise’s move from Hartford to Raleigh, these green beauties feature the iconic Whale W logo with blue and white piping. An iconic uniform and logo, and a sweater too gorgeous to be any lower than at the top of the list. The Canes will be wearing these beauties only once this season, January 11th in a home tilt against the LA Kings. 

Photos: Ben Nelms/The Canadian Press

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