Ty Awesome Talks Super 8 Tournament, Early Career

Ty Awesome Talks Super 8 Tournament, Early Career

By: James Jackson

February 27, 2018

Ty Awesome is your average guy you see on the streets. At first glance you wouldn’t guess what he does as a career. Awesome is just an ordinary man who does extraordinary things. Awesome is a performer, he captivates his audiences inside a wrestling ring all over the country.

Awesome started out as a cadet in JROTC for his high school. He wanted to join the military but due to medical reasons he was unable to follow that dream.

“That was my original plan, don’t get me wrong I fell in love with wrestling when I was about eleven or twelve years old. So I always wanted to be a wrestler, so that was always in the back of my mind.” Awesome said “My original plan out of high changed so I couldn’t go. I went from oh I had this whole plan out and everything to like now what do I do.”

Awesome recalls his first time training to be a professional wrestler. He started out learning the ropes from two Ring of Honor stars.

“Before I graduated high school, my dad has a friend by the name of Bobby Gannon who is actually good friends with the dad of Mark and Jay Briscoe. When I was sixteen or seventeen, I was in the summer going into my junior year. I told my dad I wanted to at least get in a ring before I never did.

“He talked to Bobby Gannon and got me to get in the ring with Mark and Jay Briscoe. They probably trained me two or three times. They taught me how to do my basics like lock-up, take bumps, run the ropes. They taught me how to do all that fun stuff. They’re busy guys, they’re with ROH and they travel to Japan so they are always busy.

“I started hanging out with a few friends who did wrestling here and there. It wasn’t anything big but I wanted to make something out of it. After realizing I wanted to wrestle for sure I got to meet Shawn Hardy who invited me to come up to Spinebusters Wrestling  Academy. So I came up and wrestled around a little bit and showed them what I knew. He basically wanted me to stay and at that time it was 1CW. So I was able to go from Mark and Jay to training with Sonny Deeds at Spinebusters Wrestling Academy.”

Awesome talked about some of the things his trainer Sonny Deeds taught him.

“He’s very good with like the way the audience takes you in. When you’re wrestling you have to sell and there’s theatrics to everything. He basically taught me how to put a match together and how to be an actor in the ring. How to show my pain, show the fight. He taught me how to pinpoint those things together.”

ECWA Super 8 Tournament

Awesome was invited to the famous ECWA Super 8 Tournament. The same tournament that the likes of Matt Hardy, Christopher Daniels, Daniel Bryan, Bobby Roode, A.J. Styles, Austin Aries and Adam Cole competed in.

“It’s such a heartwarming feeling. It makes you feel like you’re getting noticed. It’s so hard to talk about because I never saw myself in this situation in the tournament that’s had people in it like Daniel Bryan, Bobby Roode, Lio Rush. People who are in WWE right now. There’s so many stars who have been in this tournament and not all of them have won it, but just being in the tournament alone gets you that exposure. That’s all I’m about.” Awesome said. “I don’t need to win anything but getting my name out there. I’m so grateful, that’s the best word to describe it. I’m so grateful to be in this tournament, I’m grateful to be in the magazine that’s going to be out because of being in the Super 8.

“I’m excited! Being picked number six, I was the only one this year to be picked in front of a live crowd. It’s a really good feeling and I’m going in excited.”

Awesome knows he needs a gameplan going into the tournament. He is preparing for the tournament and is ready to give it all he has.

“I know they have some good names going to be in it this year. Smiley is going to be in it, Cheeseburger from ROH. It’s definitely not going to be an easy tournament. There’s definitely a lot of good guys who are going to be in it this year. You just have to go in with high hopes, with the mindset that you’re going to win. If you go in with doubts that’s all you’re going to do is doubt.”

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