Zion Williamson Makes NBA Debut

Zion Williamson Makes NBA Debut

By James Wilson

January 22, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2019. The sun sets over New Orleans for the very last time in a Zion free NBA. Zion Williamson debuted against the San Antonio Spurs. It is oddly fitting that a player with the hype around themselves like Zion suits up for the first time against a model franchise like San Antonio.

Zion started off slow scoring just a few points in the first half. He then exploded for 4-4 from the 3pt line and 6-8 field goal. By the end of the night he had tallied 22 points, 3 assists and 7 rebounds.

The New Orleans Pelicans lost by 4 points in a close game to San Antonio. But what we have to take home is Zion is here. He can play in the NBA and he can hang with the big boys. 

While I would not thrust him straight to the starting lineup, I would certainly give him more minutes to get a rhythm going. Alvin Gentry did a great job adding Zion to the lineup and getting results. In the fourth quarter Gentry pulled Zion from the game which caused fans to chant “We want Zion”. Although he did not play the final minutes of the close game he still had a great debut. 

I think Gentry used this extra time to process having such a generational talent added to his roster. He knows he has other young guys who can turn New Orleans around in close to 2-3 seasons. 

So the question remains, is Zion Williamson going to be the greatest player of all time? Will New Orleans be his Cleveland? Will he end up being good at all? All we know is he has one game under his belt and the questions are swirling. Unfortunately we have many more questions than answers.

PHOTO: Chris Graythen/Getty Images